I am often asked to give talks, demos and private workshops to groups. I am always happy to do that but I am limited by my regular classes, workshops and studio time. If you or your group are interested in a demo or talk or if you would like to set up a group workshop, please contact me so we can discuss your needs and timing.

I offer demos and workshops in watercolours, acrylics and oils. Some groups have asked that the demo artwork be auctioned off or raffled at the end of the event with half the proceeds going to the group. I am open to that option depending on cost of material.

If the group meets outside the GTA West area, travel cost may be added at a rate of 50 cents per Km.

In any case contact me and let's figure out a way to make you and your group happy.



Address: 3169 Pebblewood Rd Mississauga, ON L5N 6M7 Canada
Phone: 905-785-1054