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Welcome message (PLEASE READ)
Hi Everyone,

Please feel free to post your images, thoughts, questions and comments in this forum. Please stay polite and encouraging.

To post an image:
1-  Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can see the "Attachments" Menu. 
2-  Click the "choose file" to choose a file or image from your computer
3-  Now click "Add Attachment" to upload the file to the forum
4- Last BUT NOT LEAST, Click "Insert Into Post" to make sure the image goes into your post. That's it! You should see a code in post. This means that the image will be posted where you see the code.

Of course when you are done writing the post don't forget to click "Post Thread" to make sure it is posted and we can all see it Smile

Now a word about decorum. We are all  here to have fun, learn and appreciate art. There is no room at all for rude behavior or mean comments. Please be kind and friendly. I reserve the right to remove, ban and reject anyone or any post that I find crossing a line with other fellow members. I really shouldn't have to say this, but such is the world of social media unfortunately.

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