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Z Brush

Z Brush
Z Brush
CAD$13.36 5 of 5 Stars!
89 pcs

Hand made artisan watercolour brush

 I made the Z brush because I wanted a free flowing tool with a lot of character that would make marks that the traditional brushes can't. The Z brush is an artisanal hand-made brush. Each one is different and makes marks that are distinctly its own. The Z brush has personality. Keep it wet and use the tip for sharp elegant lines. Use it aggressively and the brush will give you mass shapes with lots of uncontrolled edges  
5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Ivona Pawlowski  (Posted on Saturday 20 May, 2017)

I have noticed how Zan was using his Z brush during one of the watercolour workshops; I have realy loved the lines and the style of the brush. I have purchased the set of three and I enjoyed them since. The brushes make their own, very unique and very loose lines that I am not able to repeat with any other brush. So pleasant to work with!

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